Thursday, May 15, 2008

ONCE A VAGABOND – is now available!!!!

I am sooooo excited! My third book ONCE A VAGABOND is now available. Here is an excerpt.

Excerpt - Kim Leady – Once a Vagabond – Historical

Ethan sucked in air like he’d run for miles and miles, although he was standing still. His heart was beating so loudly he could hear the thump, thump in his ears. He took a step closer to her as if getting closer would give him his answer any faster. Could the woman who had him in knots from their very first meeting be the same one he’d all but given up on ever seeing again? If she said what he thought she had said. He had heard that same phrase of words used by another redheaded female he’d known.

Abby smiled at him. “I said she was the color ribbon in the storm. It’s something my mum used to say.” She put Mazy down and picked up her lead. “It’s getting late. I think we better be getting back. I wouldn’t put it past Mercy to send out a search party for us. At this very minute she’s probably wondering which cliff I pushed you off of to your early demise,” she said, laughing.

Her laughter was as easy as a summer breeze and her face had taken on a soft childlike wonder. The combination was intoxicating. It was then as he was about to ask her another question, he realized he still didn’t know her name. How could that be? They’d had several fights. She had pointed a loaded gun at him. He had even given her not only flowers—mauled as they may have been—but a dog that she seemed to think the world of. And yet he still only knew her as ‘his teacher’.

“Seeing that you know my name. And I did give you an incredible dog. I think it’s only just that I know you by something other than teacher. Maybe I should call you Red?” he teased, easily moving out of her half-hearted swing.

“If you must know.”

“I must…given Mazy and all,” he said, grinning.

“My name is Abigail McKee. But I go by Abby.”

Ethan stopped. His heart was pounding so hard his chest hurt. Could a man’s heart explode from beating so hard? Abby…she said her name was Abby. How many Abby’s were there in this world? Abby’s with amazing red hair that shimmered like cooper in the sun. Could it be that simple? Could she be his Abby? The Abby he’d searched for in every port and city he’d passed through?

Abby turned back and looked at him. “Something wrong?”

There she is. Ethan smiled. The girl I thought I’d never see again. A girl who wrapped me around her little finger and stole my young heart in a very short period of time. Her eyes are older, more guarded. But looking deeper, I can still see the striking indigo that’s haunted my dreams for the past ten years.

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Until next time, happy reading.

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